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Industrial Hemp

It is now legal in the United States to grow and process industrialized hemp. While not able to be used as a food ingredient or a dietary supplement, hemp can now be harvested for its fiber, seeds, and CBD.

Apple Leaf is on the vanguard of this growing industry. Our food safety staff can help streamline your hemp production and processing methods and can establish protocols for regulatory pesticide and contaminant testing. We can assist you in navigating new federal and state hemp regulations as well as national hemp export requirements.

Potential obstacles could arise in the hemp industry in 2020. Will production technology keep up with rapidly increasing field production? Will there be bottlenecks in processing and lab testing? How can we best navigate issues concerning product labelling and marketing? Apple Leaf can help you answer and address these questions.

If you are in or are interested in entering the industrialized hemp industry, let us help you in any of the following ways:

  • GAP Program Development. Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) program development ensures regulatory compliance while helping your operation create a solid and sustainable production program. Our team can help you meet requirements related to fertility, water use, weed control, strain selection, harvest technology, and insect and disease management, to name a few.

  • GMP Program Development. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) program development can ensure that your operation stays within regulatory compliance guidelines. The process bolsters quality assurance and results in effective post-harvest handling and processing protocols.

  • Third Party Auditing Services. Many processors require third-party GAP audits to maintain a high level of quality assurance. In some states, regulatory agencies require GMP audits to manufacture and sell hemp-based CBD products. Whether you need a third-party GAP audit to satisfy processor and handling requirements or a GMP audit to satisfy regulatory and marketing requirements, Apple Leaf is here to assist.

*Industrial hemp is legal at the federal level (THC <0.3%) but is regulated differently by each state. Check with your local and state authorities to determine how you can legally grow or process industrial hemp. Changes to FDA regulations could change the 2020 production landscape. Apple Leaf is staying apprised of these changes.

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