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IPM Forecast Models:

NEWA (Network for Environment and Weather Applications)

RIMpro (Interactive Decision Support for Pest Management)

IPM Labs and University Departments:

Cornell IPM News (Latest Headlines concerning Pest Management)

Cornell IPM Factsheets (Authoritative Sources for Farm Pests)

Agnello Lab (Cornell Dept. of Entomology)

Acimovic Lab (Hudson Valley NY Research)

Jentsch Lab (Hudson Valley NY Research)

Lake Ontario Fruit Program Events

University of Oregon IPM

Washington State University Fruit Tree Extension Center

Special Projects:

Northeast Pollinator Project (Count Wild Bees at Bloom & Help Collect Data that Supports Sustainability)

Food Safety:

BRC (Formerly British Retail Consortium)

Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practices)

LIVE (Sustainable Wine-growing)

Non-GMO Project

Primus Labs

Salmon Safe


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